Barack Hussein Obama II is on track to being the worst American president since Franklink Delano Roosevelt. He is a hardcore Socialist as I have said before and is so deep into it that there is no hope for him. He is nothing more than an eloquent demagogue full of hot air and no substance. In just one term of office, he has done more damage to the American economy than any of his predecessors did, even in two full terms of office. After spending billions of Dollars in a failed stimulus package and bailouts, he has kept unemployment at 9% and ratched up the budget deficit and government debt to unprecedented levels.

His recent address of the Congress on September 8, trying to bully them into passing his new useless “American Jobs Act”, was so pathetic I almost felt sorry for him. When will governments ever learn that it is complete folly to try and control the economy? Governments are not omniscient and every attempt to regulate the economy ALWAYS WITHOUT EXCEPTION eventually leads to disaster. The history books are replete with irrefutable evidence of the harm caused by governments meddling in the economy. Yet Obama and crew keep doing the same stupid things that never worked under Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter or Roosevelt and they insanely expect to get different results, as the great Albert Einstein said.

What annoyed me in his address was his argument that the bill should not be controversial and that Republicans have supported such measures before. Who cares if Mother Theresa herself supports his plan? The issue is does it make sense and will it work, regardless of who votes for it? Truth is it will fail. Big time. What works is to cut entitlement spending, drastically reduce govt size, remove regulations, lower taxes, close foreign military bases and stay the hell out of people’s lives, both economically and socially.

If he can cause so much carnage in 4 years, imagine if he was given the four terms Roosevelt won. The consequences are too ghastly to contemplate.