The Iowa joint win by Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum was somewhat unexpected and the media rage for the next week shall be who gets the most momentum out of it. Naturally, Romney shall probably gain the most since he wants to paint himself as “electable” against Obama and the corrupt main stream media is only too willing to play along. I am highly skeptical that Santorum will gain anything substantial because his organization is very weak and to win, you must have people in place many months in advance of any contest.

I think Ron Paul actually scored the biggest victory. He managed to come within 3 percentage points (about 3,000 votes) of the winners despite the nearly insurmountable obstacles he faced ranging from a media blackout, blatant lies and distortions from everywhere, being despised and opposed by the Republican Party leaders, ignorant talking heads on “Republican Party TV” (Fox News) regularly bashing him and a smear campaign that painted him as a racist, anti-semite, homophobe and incompetent manager.

Considering the power of the corrupt corporations that are behind the big media houses and the campaigns of every president and many Congressmen, it is really a miracle he loosened their stranglehold and increased the reach of his ideas. His close second finish will be most likely down-played by the media and he still faces an uphill battle in the coming contests. I think his chances of winning the GOP nomination are getting closer to 50% but the odds at the moment are still not looking good.

In an earlier post, I wrote about what he needs to do to increase his chances of winning and even then, I am not sure it will put him over the top. Not until a sufficient tipping-point number of American voters are properly educated and realize there is a huge financial scam going on that is perpetuated by the banking cartels via the Federal Reserve in collusion with corrupt politicians that is bankrupting the nation and making them poorer by the day.

The one point of optimism is that whatever happens at the ballot box this year, the genie is now out of the bottle and the ideas of liberty can only spread going forward. Fifty years from now when the current generation of politicians is gone, historians shall write about a great man called Ronald Ernest Paul who fundamentally changed the political landscape of America forever.