This picture from 2015 ranks annual salaries of African presidents from highest to lowest on the left and on the right how they compare to the average earnings of their respective citizens (Gross National Income per capita).

Cameroon is tops with a $610,000 salary that is 229 times the national average. The Zambian President earns $56,000 which is 18 times the average citizen and comes in at 24th.

The Tunisian president earns $16,400 which is the 4th lowest and is only 1.5 times the average. The Liberian president makes $90,000 which is 113 times the national average.

The figures of course have to be put in context because some presidents make relatively small salaries but siphon out tax payer money in other ways.

For comparison, the US president makes $400,000, UK Prime Minister $200,000 Chinese President $22,000, Russian President $136,00 and German Chancellor $250,000