I think that most women in failed relationships overplay the victim card with endless sob stories about how their husband / boyfriend is cheating or beating them. The ugly naked truth is that if you have been abused by your man several times, especially over an extended period, you are also to blame for your unfortunate situation. By staying in the failed relationship and lying to yourself that it shall be fixed somehow, you are teaching your partner to treat you like dirt.

If your partner is as bad as you say, why don’t you leave? Do you have to be beaten twenty times before you realize it’s time to split? Is your self-esteem so poor that you keep creating excuses for your abusive partner while you slowly die inside? Is it about the nice car / house your abusive partner is providing? Why stay “for the sake of the kids”, forgetting that they are being raised in a home at war? Do you want your daughter to grow up believing it is normal for her to be abused by her boyfriend, or your son to be beating up his wife because he learnt it from his own father?

Either walk out of that abusive relationship or else stop complaining!