In one short week, Edgar Lungu has managed to pretty much wipe out his political capital. On Tuesday when the late president Michael Chilufya Sata was being buried, Lungu was the darling of the masses as he gave a flawless performance at Heroes Stadium, complete with what in hindsight appear to be crocodile tears.

Hardly 24 hours later, he filed a law suit through a proxy to get back the instruments of power from Dr Guy Lindsay Scott. Mistake Number One. I immediately began to ask myself why he could not just wait until 28th January 2015. Does he really want an enemy in the acting republican president, considering that he shall need transport and campaign support from Dr Scott? Is Lungu that power hungry?

Yesterday, he forced a meeting of some members of the PF Central Committee to take place, despite Dr Scott being against it. Next thing we saw was a petition with 63 names endorsing Lungu. Closer inspection of the published list shows names of some opposition MPs from MMD and UPND. The petition was supposedly presented to the Central Committee which supposedly adopted Mr Lungu as the sole candidate. Dr Scott is adamant that according to the PF Constitution, only a party convention can elect the PF president who automatically becomes the presidential candidate, not the Central Committee. If he is correct and the PF constitution has not been changed, then it’s Mistake Number Two for Lungu and crew. Trying to circumvent the PF party constitution is a very daft idea.

Yesterday, PF cadres supporting Lungu showed up at Cabinet Office to beat up Dr Scott. This is insane and completely senseless. You cannot have such anarchy in a nation. There is no way those cadres went there spontaneously. Someone paid them and Mr Lungu and/or his cronies are the chief suspects. If they are the ones behind the scheme, Mistake Number Three. The full force of the law shall be felt.

The Daily Nation today reports that Scott has been expelled from PF. If Lungu and his henchmen are behind it, then Mistake Number Four. This is the final straw that broke the camel’s back. The last nail in the coffin for Lungu and PF.

It seems that PF was buried along with Mr Sata three days ago on Tuesday.

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